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All About the Batwing Sleeve Style

Batwing sleeve clothing has been around for hundreds of years. This look remains iconic for a reason. Batwing sleeves are a perfect blend of comfy and elegant.

What Is a Batwing Sleeve and Is It Flattering?

A batwing sleeve adds character and depth to otherwise simple pieces. Flowy and beautiful, these sleeves are comfortable as well as stylish. Learn how to spot this versatile sleeve style and discover when it works best as part of an outfit.

What Is a Batwing Sleeve?

You might also hear this type of sleeve referred to as a Magyar sleeve or a dolman sleeve. All of these terms refer to the same thing — a sleeve that is wider toward the shoulder and gradually gets tighter toward the wrists.

These sleeves take up space, often dropping down quite far from the shoulder to create an elegant look. With the movement and flow around the wearer, it's easy to see why the word wing is used to describe them. Designers use batwing sleeves on all kinds of pieces, including sweaters, dresses, and blouses.

When Did The Batwing Sleeve Style Become Popular?

The original batwing style dates back as far as the middle ages. It was first used in a style of clothing that resembled a flowing robe and was commonly worn in Turkey. It gradually spread across the world to be adapted into many different garments.

Batwing sleeves were also an iconic look in the 80s, often seen on sweaters. While they have come in and out of popularity throughout the years, many consider these sleeves a timeless look. A nice batwing dress or shirt is a great staple to add to your closet.

How Should You Style a Batwing Sleeve?

Sometimes all it takes to elevate an outfit from bland to stunning is a little extra detail. Batwing dresses and tops are a great option when you want to wear something comfortable without being sloppy. Outfits that seem generic with standard sleeves become something special with this addition.

One of the great things about batwing sleeves is their versatility. They work successfully with heavier fabrics and knits as well as lighter ones. While the classic look involves long sleeves, you can also find shorter-sleeved choices that maintain a batwing style. For blouses and shirts, pairing these flowing options with tight skinny jeans or leggings can work well. You can also tuck them into high-waisted pants for a fun look.

When Is the Best Time To Wear a Batwing Sleeve?

While a lot depends on the specific piece you're dealing with, batwing sleeves are often a great option when you don't want to dress too casually but don't need to be fully formal. Batwing blouses can be an appropriate choice for work, and dresses are great for wearing to a nice dinner or night out. Some batwing dresses cross over into more-formal territory, with satin options that are elegant and even decadent in appearance.

Adding a Batwing Sleeve Top or Dress To Your Wardrobe

It's hard to go wrong with a batwing sleeve. They are a combination of comfy and graceful that can be hard to find in other styles. Browse our batwing dresses and tops and add this iconic look to your wardrobe. While you're at it, don't forget to look for matching pants and accessories!

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