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How to Wear a Cropped Blazer

Level Up Your Wardrobe by Learning How To Wear a Cropped Blazer Level Up Your Wardrobe by Learning How To Wear a Cropped Blazer Something magical happens when a woman...

Level Up Your Wardrobe by Learning How To Wear a Cropped Blazer

Level Up Your Wardrobe by Learning How To Wear a Cropped Blazer

Something magical happens when a woman puts on the perfect blazer. She stands taller, she crosses her arms just so, the stars align and nothing can get in her way. A blazer's clean lines and structure are perfect for projecting boss energy in any situation, but at the same time, the basic black blazer can get boring. The solution? A subversive take on this style classic that just might become your new fave: the cropped blazer. Learn how to wear a cropped blazer to punch up every look in your wardrobe, from casual to all-out glam.

What Are the Rules for How To Wear a Cropped Blazer?

There are no rules for cropped blazers! Taking the classic blazer and chopping it at the waist is already style-icon behavior. From there, you can push the envelope further with avant-garde silhouettes and daring contrast.

Anyone and everyone can wear a cropped blazer. Cropped blazers fit every aesthetic, and they're so versatile that they can be part of a daytime look, a stunning evening ensemble or anything in between. They're perfect for petites who feel swallowed up by the oversized suit jacket trend or fashion fans of any stripe who want to add a fun menswear edge to their repertoire.

How Do You Pick Out a Cropped Blazer?

How can you know which piece will be your new go-to? Here are some shopping tips for cropped blazers.

Let's Talk Length

If hearing "cropped" anything gives you flashbacks to belly button rings, know that the hem of a cropped blazer is longer than a crop top hem. It falls somewhere between your natural waist and your hips for a sleek, easy-to-wear silhouette that looks amazing on any body shape. Think of this piece as similar to a short bomber jacket or a fall jacket, and you'll get an early idea of how to wear a cropped blazer.

Since a normal blazer's hem hits at about the upper thigh, anything shorter than that mark is cropped. Anything longer is oversized. Both are trendy takes on the blazer that put you ahead of the fashion curve.

Remix the Classics

The entire point of a cropped blazer is to buck business-casual tradition. Lean into this aesthetic by choosing cropped blazers that poke fun at old-school business styling. The best way to make a blazer feel fresh and new is to lean into the "too much".

Classic blazer prints such as houndstooth, plaid or tweed have new life in cropped blazer form. Playful lapels can contrast the jacket, too. In traditional menswear, pointy "peak" lapels are formal while more subdued "notch" lapels signal everyday, but feel free to flip the script when choosing how to wear a cropped blazer.

Don't neglect the whole reason blazers kick ass in the first place, which is obviously shoulder pads. These small accents have a big impact on silhouette and can make you feel like the undisputed champion of any room. Try an avant-garde cropped blazer that exaggerates the shoulder pad to propel this 1980s staple accessory into the modern day.

How Can You Style a Cropped Blazer?

Once you've found your dream cropped blazer, what can you pair with it? Here are a few style suggestions.

Go Big With Your Companion Pieces

Cropped blazers are smaller than typical blazers, so try to avoid pairing them with any tight skirts, dainty heels, demure camisole tops or similarly small-feeling pieces. Take up space, instead, with pieces that make a big visual and style impact. High waistlines, flared pants and skirts and chunky statement accessories are all perfect with a cropped blazer.

Make a Blazer Scandalous for a Night Out

That said, it can pay to go small when it comes to what you wear underneath the blazer. Instead of wearing a cocktail dress for a night out, many trendsetting celebrities are opting for a cropped blazer, suit pants and a small or lacy top underneath. This take on how to wear a cropped blazer is sure to turn heads. Mixing these hyper-feminine and masculine elements is a perennial style boss move — just ask Madonna.

Rock Your Day Off With High-Waisted Jeans

The cropped blazer is the ideal combination of structured style and casual vibes. Don't be afraid to wear it with your favourite weekend jeans for a confident casual outfit that will take you comfortably from errands to brunch.

Just Add Pants for a Power Suit Moment

A cropped blazer and dress pants make business casual magic. Pick dress pants that are the same colour as the blazer for a fresh take on the power suit. Alternatively, have fun with proportions by choosing a dressy, billowy palazzo pant. Accessorize your custom and fun power suit with more nods to menswear, such as a stylish rhinestoned pair of leather loafers instead of the typical low heel.

Contrast a Cropped Blazer With a Flowing Maxi Skirt

Remember how there are no rules when it comes to how to wear a cropped blazer? These blazers look amazing with elements you wouldn't expect, such as feminine and flowy maxi skirts. Even delicate floral prints are stunning with a blazer as long as the skirt is full enough to balance out the blazer's cropped lines.

An ultimate cool-girl choice for modern evening wear is a cropped blazer and a flared black maxi skirt. These simple elements add up to such an elegant look, heels are totally optional. You can dance all night without having to worry about foot blisters, restrictive dress cuts or pesky hemlines riding up on you. After all, the best accessory to any outfit is complete and total confidence.

Where Can You Find the Latest Fashion and Advice on How To Wear a Cropped Blazer?

Fun fashion pushes boundaries, and runway-worthy styles shouldn't be reserved for a select few. A cropped silhouette lets you rock a blazer without necessarily giving "The Devil Wears Prada" every time. Trendy ideas for how to wear a cropped blazer make this fun fashion moment accessible to anyone and everyone, true to our clothing mission at Kate Hewko. Browse our bold blazers to find your new favorite wardrobe staple.


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