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New Mom Clothes

Postpartum Power: Finding Your Style Again Through New Mom Clothes Treating yourself with grace and kindness is important every single day, but it's most important right after you've had a...

Postpartum Power: Finding Your Style Again Through New Mom Clothes

Treating yourself with grace and kindness is important every single day, but it's most important right after you've had a baby. Think about it: You created an entire, separate person out of nothing but hard work, determination and midnight ice cream. Name one time a blockbuster action hero did something half as cool.

Though shopping probably isn't the first thing on your mind with a newborn at home, buying a fresh and comfy set of new mom clothes is an important step on your motherhood journey. A dedicated postpartum wardrobe can help you appreciate your miraculous body and explore an exciting new phase of your life through style.

Why Is It Important To Buy a Set of New Mom Clothes?

If you don't quite feel like yourself after having a baby, know that you're not alone. Studies have shown that pregnancy literally changes the structure of the brain, giving it more grey matter, aka processing power. That's awesome! However, it may mean it's tough to even recognize the person in the mirror for a while after giving birth.

Fashion is one of many ways to understand your identity and your body postpartum. Maternity clothes aren't up to the challenge of supporting a recovering body, and switching back to a pre-pregnancy wardrobe isn't possible or comfortable for most new moms, either. Carve out some time for yourself to shop for new pieces because you've more than earned it.

What Are Some Postpartum Fashion Essentials?

The most important aspect of new mom clothes is that they make you feel safe and comfortable. Style can seriously contribute to those feelings, which is why high-quality pieces in substantial fabrics are a must. Here are the most practical and stylish options for postpartum wardrobe perfection.

The Comfiest Pants Imaginable

Let's start with the basics: You're going to need some premium-grade comfy pants. Only the best will do because you're looking for both a silky luxe feel and enough stability in the fabric to help your midsection recover comfortably.

Sweatpants in a vintage high-waisted cut are both postpartum body-friendly and stylish. Opt for a pair with a wider waistband for extra support. Interesting textures, colors and prints can make even the most comfortable dream sweatpants feel like real, outside-the-house clothing. Now is the time to branch out to bolder choices than the typical heather grey polyester.

Regal Robes

Robes get a bad reputation as low-effort around-the-house wear, but for centuries, these flowing garments were the first fashion choices of literal queens. Channel that regal spirit by buying yourself an ultra-luxe robe to recover in postpartum.

Fabric makes or breaks a robe, so choose something with a heavier weight for maximum draping power. A killer robe can easily become a layering piece, making it more versatile than just something you wear around the house. Try a massive and cozy floor-length knit cardigan that can seamlessly transition into anyone's fall wardrobe.

Balanced Knitwear

The right knit is the perfect combination of structure and stretch, so don't neglect knitwear when shopping for your new mom clothes. Knits don't have to be boring sweaters, either. Blend textures for cozy knit staples that still have stylish structure, such as a knit blazer that contrasts a smooth knit on the bodice with an exciting knit through the sleeves.

You can use a similar trick to level up a pair of knit joggers. Contrast the style of knit on the bulk of the pants with an eye-catching waistband and hem to add punch to this leisure essential.

How Can You Rediscover Your Sense of Style After Having a Baby?

Practical concerns are huge when it comes to postpartum fashion, but they're not the only purpose of a new mom wardrobe. Motherhood is a big identity change, and embracing that change as a positive transformation is a little easier with statement-making, fun clothes.

Experiment With Out-There Options

Postpartum shopping is a perfect excuse to try a style statement that you wouldn't have picked out before. Bold prints, highlighter colors and even sequins and tulle dresses can all be part of cute postpartum outfits. You just created an entire life — that is way more harrowing than trying out some bright pink overalls, so go for it!

Embrace Change

Trying to slot yourself into the same personal style you had pre-baby isn't always the best plan. Instead, use this major life transition as an opportunity to rediscover your sense of style and self at the same time.

Reinventing your personal fashion sense might seem like a small concern, but this tiny shift in mindset may help you be more flexible about the larger identity questions everyone faces upon becoming a parent. Plus, changing up your style gets you in the essential habit of setting aside time for personal growth even when you have small children.

Be Gentle With Yourself

Normally, celebrities are an everlasting source of style inspiration. While you can look at celeb new mom styles and see what speaks to you, take it easy if you find yourself making comparisons between your style and the stars'.

Everyone knows that celebrities use a combination of medical intervention, aggressive lifestyle changes, lots of hired help and the reserves of occult magic in the bedrock of Los Angeles to recover near-instantly after having a baby. Even knowing that any comparisons are unrealistic, they can be difficult to let go of on zero sleep with a post-pregnancy brain that's chemically rearranged itself to make you worry more.

Instead of looking to celebrities or trends for fashion ideas postpartum, it's important to think about what you want to look like and wear for the next enriching and trying decade of your life. Fun style choices you make now can transition into an everyday mom-on-the-go wardrobe, so be sure to combine bold, fun and comfortable in equal proportions.

Where Can You Find Cute New Mom Clothes and Style Inspiration?

Fashion is a low-pressure way to get in touch with your identity after childbirth, so don't neglect shopping for new mom clothes. At Kate Hewko, we believe that everyone should be able to experiment with the latest fashions. Browse our comfy layering pieces to get started building your dream mom closet.


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