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Why You Need an All Black Dress

Add an all black dress to your wardrobe today!  Not only do black dresses have many fashionable benefits, but they are great for numerous occasions.

Why You Need an All Black Dress

Many people have heard about the popularity of black dresses, but not everyone owns one. Adding an all black dress to your wardrobe is a smart fashion move for multiple reasons. Whether you consider yourself a fashionista or are just looking to expand your style repertoire, there are numerous life scenarios when it is handy to understand the usefulness of a black dress.

Why You Need an All Black Dress

The straightforward black dress is well known for being elegant, timeless, and sophisticated. These characteristics are not exactly easy to replicate, which makes wearing a black dress such a powerful fashion move.

Flexible Styling Options

Whether you are someone who likes to go all-out with your fashion statements or you prefer to keep things simple, an all black dress has the perk of being super flexible with styling options. Such a dress is easy to style up or down and can look as professional, classic, edgy or casual as you want.

Appropriate From Day to Night

Depending on how you style it, a black dress can be appropriate from morning to night and across multiple events or meetings. For example, you can wear it to work during the day, go to a lunch meeting, meet the girls for drinks after you clock out or go dance or mingle at a local club. You can also just wear it to the grocery store or on a walk downtown. As Karl Lagerfeld once said, "One is never overdressed or underdressed in a little black dress."

Timeless Fashion

The popularity of the black dress goes way back. Even in the 1920s, Coco Chanel was inspired by the utilitarian uniforms of various occupations. Though traditionally a symbol of mourning, the body-slimming properties of black along with the way it can flatter the face have long made this dress a well-loved classic.

9 Reasons To Appreciate All Black Clothing

If you are not yet a fan of black clothing, consider why you could benefit by wearing the color more often.

1. Easy Matching

Have you ever had a piece of clothing you loved but could not wear it because it did not match your other clothes or did not flatter your hair? Regardless of your clothing, skin tone or hair color, black is an excellent color choice for clothing because it is so easy to match across diverse individuals and styles, and this goes for an all black dress as much as for pants or tops.

2. Stain Camouflage

Few things are worse than spilling coffee or wine on your favorite shirt or dress. Luckily, black clothing acts as stain camouflage for these scenarios. After spending hard-earned money on your clothes, saving them feels good.

3. Endless Layering

Black clothing provides endless options for layering outfits. Whether you are layering for a casual look or bundling up to stay warm during winter, black can still be fashionable with multiple layers.

4. Mature Appearance

Wearing black clothing can make you look mature. Although it is common for individuals to strive to appear more youthful, sometimes looking more mature has advantages. Because of black's simple yet powerful elegance, wearing it can be just the trick you need to achieve a sophisticated appearance.

5. All-Season Friendly

No matter what time of year it is, black is always in season. It looks as good on T-shirts and summer dresses as it does on winter coats, ball gowns and jeans. Whether you plan on staying warm in the snow, running on the beach in summer or enjoying a casual evening on the porch during spring or fall, black can be the perfect color for all seasons across multiple settings.

6. Figure Flattering

An all black dress can instantly flatter your figure. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons that black has been popular for so long. Diets and exercise have perks, but picking the right clothes can have a huge impact on your appearance.

7. Low-Key (or High-Key) Flexibility

Sometimes, you may want to stand out, while other times you prefer to blend into the crowd. Either way, black can be the color you need. If you want to grab people's attention, try adding bright accessories that the black can embolden. If you want to blend in, complement your black clothing with other mellow colors such as grey, white and, of course, more black.

8. Fabric Experimentation Possibilities

What type of materials do you wear most often? With many people, cotton and polyester are common. One reason is that those fabrics work well with many color choices and clothing styles. Something else to love about black is that it allows for a lot of fabric experimentation possibilities. For example, an all black dress can be the perfect opportunity for trying out some velvet, satin or fuzz.

9. Masked Costs

Some people want others to know how much they paid for their clothes, but many do not. If staying modest is important to you, another benefit of wearing black is that it can often mask the cost of the clothing items. Of course, there are some black pieces that are clearly more expensive than other clothes, but black is a great color for a wide variety of unpretentious styling choices.

10 Occasions Appropriate for Wearing an All Black Dress

One of the best reasons for having a solid black dress in particular is the versatility of occasions for which wearing one is an excellent idea. There are endless ways to style a black dress to be perfect for any event. It does not matter whether you consider yourself a sophisticated person or you prefer to keep things simple and laid back; there are multiple instances when wearing a black dress could work for you.

1. First Date

Appearances are not everything, but making a great first impression is important, especially when it's the beginning of a possible romance. A black dress can be a great selection for numerous events and places, inside or outside, day or night, cold or warm.

2. Girls' Night Out

A girls' night out definitely calls for an all black dress. Whether your friends also opt to rock black or come up with another variety of fashion styles, your black dress will work well alongside anything they choose.

3. Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties also work well for sporting a black dress. Again, the time of year or day does not matter. A black dress can look fashionable at a summer breakfast mimosa party or a late-night coffee and liquor winter holiday mingle.

4. Family Party

Nothing beats family time. Throwing a party with your loved ones can be fun and exciting, and it also gives you the opportunity to wear a black dress. Generally, family events are more casual, so go low-key with the styling to not stand out. You can wear one in the backyard while talking to relatives at a summer barbeque or while unwrapping gifts on a cold winter night inside.

5. Any Party

Every party is a good time to wear an all black dress. Whether it is a birthday party, quinceañera, Christmas party, dance party, bachelorette party, wedding reception or housewarming celebration, a black dress can be just what you need. Just add shoes and some accessories.

6. Job Interview

Not every black dress occasion needs to be about fun and partying. This clothing choice also works well for professional situations such as important job interviews. Of course, you want to make sure whatever style you choose also fits the professionalism of the position that you are interviewing for. Generally, it is best not to go too over the top, but also avoid being too casual.

7. Dinner Time (or Lunch or Breakfast)

What do you wear when you are eating? Think about when you eat at home, but also consider while you are at work or meeting friends for dinner. Do you ever notice you are uncomfortable? While eating habits can impact bloating, clothing can as well. An all black dress always looks slimming, and a looser fit works great for avoiding the discomfort that jeans and other more tight-fitting options can present.

8. Casual Strolling

A black T-shirt dress paired with comfortable walking shoes can leave you feeling relaxed as you enjoy a morning or evening stroll around your neighborhood or local downtown area. These dresses feel lighter than other clothing options, and black pairs well with casual styles.

9. Holiday Celebrations

What do New Year's, Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July and Valentine's Day all have in common? They are holidays that offer excellent opportunities for planning celebrations and wearing a nice black dress. Though you might shake your head at the thought of black on Valentine's Day, it can be especially attractive when you pair it with red or pink.

10. Graduation Ceremony

Black dresses are perfectly suited for graduation ceremonies. Because these ceremonies often involve wearing a cap and gown, a black dress can provide a simple and comfortable clothing choice that is quick and easy to cover but also take off once the celebration is over. The simplicity of a solid black dress really shines in these types of occasions.

Pro Tips for Wearing an All Black Dress

Once you have picked out a good black dress or two, having some pro tips on wearing your new clothing can also be helpful. To start, focus on accessorizing.

For example, in warmer weather, it can be a good idea to go casual, and summer outfits present the opportunity for brighter, vibrant colors. In an office, try adding leggings or a blazer. Knee-high boots can be a good complement in cooler months, as do both leather and jean jackets, depending on your tastes. Other tips include:

Wearing a Variety of Textures

Another versatility win for all black clothing is in the area of textures. Whether it's in velvet, leather, suede, jeans, corduroy, cashmere, knit or sequins, black can look great. The same concept applies to patterns and the visual effects they can have on textures. For creating the best look, try choosing a few textures to add contrast.

Choosing Clothes With Special Detail

Details, details — it's all in the details. There are many instances when you might hear this, but it is especially true when coordinating your clothing choices in black. For example, V-notches on sleeves, ribbing or buttons can all turn otherwise plain appearances into unique ones that are both interesting and visually appealing. Other details to consider include zippers, ruffles or leather trim. There are many other options to choose from as well.

Boldening With Color

For those (rare) occasions when dressing in an all black dress is not appropriate, adding a bit of color to your outfit can both enhance your look as well as create a more fitting presentation. Colors such as red and yellow often work well for creating bold statements with jewelry, shoes, scarves or other accessories. Adding colors can also be a way to make your dress more customized to your individual preferences and style.

Including Graphics

Another way to create more of an effect with a black dress is by wearing items that feature a graphic such as a character or logo. With a dress, a graphic focal point can be particularly interesting, and it can give you a fun and independent look. Try adding a jeans or leather jacket for more of a retro edge.

Find the Perfect All Black Dress for You

No two black dresses are the same. Depending on your individual style and tastes, one dress may work better for you than others. With that said, the benefits of a completely black dress are universal. Keep your own personality in mind as you search for the perfect black dress for you.

Now that you are inspired to expand your wardrobe horizons with an all black dress, keep the momentum going. Reach out to the crew at Kate Hewko for affordable fashion guidance and continue making your closest more and more stylish, unique and totally you!

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