Give $10 Get $15

Give your friends a $10 Store Credit and when they buy from your invite link, you'll get $15 Store Credit too!

Got 10 besties?... that's $150

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how do i use my store credit

Login, shop, add your credit using the bright green button at checkout that says "Apply Store Credit"

When do my rewards expire?

If you are a Trendsetter member your reward will expire after 3 months from the time they are added to your account. For Icon members, your rewards will expire 6 months from the time they are added to your account. For Rockstar members you have 9 months to spend your rewards from the time they are added to your account. The more you spend on your way to becoming a Rockstar member, you get the perk of having a longer expiry period to save your rewards and accumulate them to spend on something special.

What happens to my rewards credit when I make a return?

When you return part of or your whole order your Rewards Credit will be forfeited in full unless you:

1. exchange your items, your full Rewards Credit will remain on your account; or
2. choose Store Credit when returning your order and you will be manually reimbursed for the Rewards Credit for the items you keep.

For example: If you made a $200 order and you return a $50 dress.- you will keep the $20 Rewards Credit if you choose to exchange;
- your Reward Credit will be adjusted to $15 if you choose Store Credit; or
- you will forfeit the $20 Rewards Credit if you choose a refund for the $50 dress

I have a Kate Hewko account does that make me a KH perks member?

Yes, If you already have a store account with Kate Hewko you will automatically become a KH perks Member. You will need to make sure you are logged into your Kate Hewko account.

How do I earn credit?

You can earn credit in the following ways:

  • You'll get credit for every $100 spent.
  • Referring friends.
  • Making reviews on your purchases.
  • Once you spend over $300 you will become a Icon member and you will receive $25 Tier Boost credit.
  • Once you spend over $1000 you will become a Rockstar member and you will receive $50 Tier Boost credit.
when will I receive a rewards credit after a purchase?

You will receive your Rewards Credit within 24 hours of your purchase.

Can I use a discount code as well as my rewards credit?

Absolutely! Our Rewards Credit is pretty much cash to spend on our website and can be used in conjunction with any discount codes.

What does lifetime purchases mean?

Lifetime purchases mean how much you have spent with Kate Hewko since enrolling in our loyalty program.

Is there a limit to how much Rewards Credit I can earn?

No, you can earn as much Rewards Credit as you want, but just be mindful of the expiry date!

Do my purchases before KH Perks count towards my membership?

Everyone starts KH Perks at the entry level. Only purchases made after enrolment count towards your lifetime spend.

What If I accidentally used a different email at checkout, do I still get my Rewards?

In this case, contact us and we will adjust your Reward Credit onto the correct account.