Sustainability? We're on it...

Not only do we give a sh*t about fashion, but we give a sh*t about sustainability, including our environmental, social, and economic impact. Read on to find out what we're doing!


Fashion is one of the number one producers of carbon emissions and landfill waste on the planet. This comes from both the low and high end of the market: cheap manufacturers who flood literally thousands of products a day, only for them to wind up in landfills, or luxury brands, who would rather burn their products than lose their exclusivity. That's messed up.
That's why our custom mailers are biodegradable, why we're part of the UPS Carbon Neutral program, and most of all, why we only make clothes in small batches. By producing in small batches, we reduce both waste and emissions. We also wrap each order in tissue paper rather than plastic and try to reduce and reuse wherever possible. And we're hoping by making quality one-of-a-kind styles, you'll wear them for years!

On our end, we only partner with manufacturers we trust, ensuring our supply chains are free of exploitation. We're also working toward a circular economy -- for example, when returns come back slightly damaged, we see if our seamstresses can repair them first and resell at a discount in our storefront.
(Funny enough, what's good for the planet is also good for business!)

We're committed to providing a living wage and equal opportunity, no matter the background. As a result, our girl gang is small but incredibly diverse -- from age 19 to 65, spanning five continents and 9 countries. We know what it's like to start over in a new country, we know what it's like to go back to work as a mom, and we're committing to providing a seat at the table for women. And while retail often gets a (deserved) bad rep, we strive to be a great place to work, providing a living wage, benefits, stable 9-5 hours, and a team that cares.
We also partner with local, national, and international charities; past major campaigns include Women for Afghan Women, Accessible Housing Calgary, the Breast Cancer Research Center at Sunnybrook Institute, and numerous local fundraisers. If your organization is doing great work, especially on behalf of women, give us a shout!